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Summary: Scott Dolph is a commandant for the Marines, and the father of Fortune. He was on the Tanker carrying the prototype of Metal Gear RAY, and gave a speech to the soldiers inside. He was killed by Revolver Ocelot, which was arranged in order to further control his daughter’s emotions and ambitions.

Interestingly, Dolph refers to the Patriots as the ‘La-li-lu-le-lo’ – this is rumored to be due to nanomachines which are programmed to censor the word and translate it automatically, so that he cannot find out their real name. If this is true, it is likely that many in the government could have similar nanomachines.

Symbolism: By looking at Commander Dolph, we see that he was patriotic and idealistic, but unaware that he was part of a secret conspiracy. It’s sad to see that someone who obeys their orders with wishful thoughts can be used and thrown away in so cruel a manner, but it is reflective of all soldiers who put their complete trust in the government. They may think they are doing what is best for the world, but what they are told could very well be mere propaganda.

It’s ironic that his “greatest wish” was to use RAY to prevent his daughter from having to live in a world where she would experience the horrors of war, because by trying to serve his country he did just the opposite; his death caused his daughter to become a soldier and a tool of the Patriots.

He represents idealistic patriotism.



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