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Summary: Fatman is a conceited bomb expert who was recruited by the Patriots in order to test Raiden in the Big Shell. He doesn’t care about the plans of Solidus or the Patriots, however, and simply wishes to make his mark in history. The Patriots coaxed him into coming to the Big Shell by arranging for the appearance of his old mentor, Peter Stillman, who he longs to defeat. He is an obese, loud, and completely self-absorbed man. He typically leaves a ‘signature’ cologne on every bomb he creates. His motto is “Laugh and grow fat!”

Symbolism: Fatman is driven only by his desires and lusts; this has made him a despicable creature. He pampers his hands, obviously over-eats, and cares more about his own fame than any notion of duty or ideology. His entire mentality is destructive, and he has no morality to restrain his actions.

He is a symbol of the result of irresponsible teaching, self-indulgence, and “destructive” memes.




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