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Summary: Helena Dolph Jackson, or “Fortune”, is the so-called “Queen” of Dead Cell. She is renowned for being unbelievably lucky in battle and unbelievably unlucky in her personal life. She believes that her dead father is forcing her to live in order to punish her, and seeks opponents that will be able to “free” her from her misery. Her husband was imprisoned, his unit was liquidated, her father was killed, her mother committed suicide, and her unborn child died due to shock.

She is later told that her supposed “luck” was orchestrated by the Patriots in order to manipulate her and her unit. However, since we are also told that she was lucky even in her early training – when she probably wouldn’t have had the electromagnetic device Ocelot talked about – we cannot be sure how lucky she really was. Before her death, she apparently summons all her luck in order to divert a barrage of missiles from destroying Solid Snake, Raiden, Solidus and herself. We could assume that this is her father’s way of proving that he was not punishing her, but rather, that he saved her when it counted, and that she was only punishing herself.

Or, we could think as Solid Snake does, and say “She really is Lady Luck”.

Symbolism: Fortune could accurately be called a “Drama Queen”; she woes herself instead of trying to overcome her feelings. By victimizing herself, she has become vulnerable to the exploitation of the Patriots; she has no ideals to keep her from becoming a playing piece in their grand game of chess. ‘Don’t let the past determine your future’ is her message.

She represents self-pity.


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