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Summary: An expert agent of the Patriots, Ocelot is responsible for carrying out their devious plans through risky duplicity and cunning manipulation. Even from a young age, he served the secret government in the United States, and has constantly maintained a convincing cover in one form or another. He is a sadist and a master marksman, and has never showed a shred of sympathy towards his victims.

He “allied” with Gurlukavich to capture RAY, while secretly aiding Solidus Snake; however, his alliance with Solidus was also a guise. His true objective was to bring about the Big Shell incident and ensure that it flowed smoothly. He believes that S3 stands for Solid Snake Simulation, and that the Big Shell incident is the kernel of an exercise to reproduce Solid Snake on a memetic level.  

Symbolism: Although it may seem that Ocelot is a traitor, he is actually 100% loyal – to the Patriots. His entire life is consists of one secret after another, and his true identity is known only to a handful. He manages to trick and control those with power by pretending to ally with them, while secretly furthering a plan to negate their attempts. This is what his heartless personality and complete submission to a corrupt power allows.

The danger of men like Ocelot is present in modern society on a lesser scale; politicians swear to serve their country and their people, but may be following hidden agendas to serve their own interests. His modus operandi is practically identical to the Jesuit Order. Even on a personal level, there are some who seem to be friends, but are only using others for their own advantage. To avoid being a victim of these types, one needs to be independent.

He represents unwavering loyalty as well as falsehood.



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