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Summary: Rose is the data analyst for Raiden during the Big Shell incident. In reality, however, she is a spy of the Patriots, given the task of becoming Raiden’s girlfriend. To do this, she changed  herself to suit his tastes. She apparently became pregnant with his child, and yet he questions whether she exists. She tends to bring up personal issues with Jack during the mission, and never calls him by his codename.

The thorough affinity with “Colonel Campbell” suggests that they are both part of the same digital program, despite the fact that Rose is apparently a real person. Rose clearly speaks to Campbell when she is introduced, and later suffers from the same "glitch" as he does. She appears in person in front of Federal Hall shortly after the mission, seemingly with knowledge of the events and conversations that have occurred. How she could be a normal human and part of an AI interface between Raiden’s mind and GW simultaneously is unclear.

Symbolism: The name “Rose” was most likely chosen to reflect her personality; she’s beautiful, but every time Raiden reaches out to her, she pricks him with her thorns. It’s also a reference to the Titanic movie, where “Jack” and “Rose” are the main characters. And as explained earlier, she represents the game itself in many ways.

She is both sincere and dualistic; she deals honestly, but her entire existence is false. On one hand she reminds Raiden (ie. us) of our real lives, but on the other she perpetuates the fantasy by continuing to wear a disguise. Just as the game gives us the choice between believing the events are "real" or not, so does she. This method is perhaps the most savory when she admits that she is a liar, but soon after says, “You have to beLIEve me!” She never gives us a consistent truth or lie. Indirectly, she teaches us to look beyond what we’re told in order to find out what is real and decide what to believe in for ourselves. “See me for what I am, OK?” she says. She is designed to force us look to the unseen things, or the “inner aspect”, as Kojima puts it.

She represents duplicity.




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