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Summary: Solid is the leader of “Philanthropy”, a small organization dedicated to the eradication of Metal Gears worldwide. His goal is to prevent nuclear disasters and world domination. He is the closet-savior of the modern world at least three times over, and continues to secretly fight for his ideals using his skill and bravery.

He was lured onto the Tanker by the Patriots in order to be framed and murdered, but he managed to survive. He infiltrates the Big Shell and tries to disguise himself as a Navy SEAL; here he meets Raiden, who he eventually takes under his wing. His presence and actions are apparently the only factors which were not calculated by the Patriots in the S3 Plan. Although he was lured into the Big Shell by “Liquid Snake”, it is unclear why exactly, since he does nothing to try to murder or control him. Perhaps in the hopes of finding a lead to the Patriots.

In the end he imparts a lot of philosophical ideas to Raiden, and encourages him to survive.  

Symbolism: Solid represents philanthropy in the ideological sense. He is a humanitarian who fights for his beliefs in secret, saving the world from threats without seeking wealth, power, or fame. He relies only on himself and his closest friends, and carries a strong set of morals with him. Through his rough experiences he has learned to free himself from his genetic fate, and has gained a kind of enlightenment.

Solid demonstrates that it is only by liberating ourselves that we can be free to do what is right. Unlike Solidus, he frees himself and others from the grip of the Patriots on a personal level, by passing on helpful memes. We are meant to be like Raiden, who wants to mimic Snake, and imitate him memetically. Thus, we should want to become a philanthropist, and help humanity by sharing our beliefs. We are supposed to be genuine; to look beyond what we’re told; to keep honest intentions; to be responsible; to sacrifice pride and selfishness; to fight “patriotism”; and to never allow our past to decide our future.

Solid Snake represents true philanthropy.




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