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Summary: Solidus is the leader of the “Sons of Liberty”, a group of terrorist-revolutionaries hoping to steal power from the Patriots. Much like the self-proclaimed “sons of liberty” who caused the Boston Tea Party in 1773, he wants to be responsible for causing a revolution of liberty. In doing so, he hopes to leave his mark in history, because he is unable to reproduce genetically. He is a powerful and cunning man wearing in a cybernetic super-suit and wielding duel katanas. Despite his power and ambition he is defeated by Raiden, effectively nullifying his dreams of power and glory.

Symbolism: Solidus sought power and destruction, and mimicked Big Boss in many ways; he even tried to create a sort of “Outer Heaven” with Arsenal. His dream of creating a meaningful legacy through his violent revolution – and his failure to fulfill this dream – are testaments to what happens when one undertakes a righteous crusade at any cost. Those who he was “using” ended up using him for their own causes. He hoped that through strength and willpower he could change the world, but his zeal made him an easy target for those who would exploit him. Fortune attempts to hijack Arsenal Gear, while Olga secretly aids Solid Snake and Raiden; Ocelot and the Patriots, in the meanwhile, manipulated, incorporated and invalidated his entire uprising in order to complete the S3 Plan.

Although Solidus’ intentions are understandable, his approach is flawed. He wants to change the world with power and rebellion, and believes that he can balance the responsibility on his shoulders; but he has set up a house of cards due to his recklessness.

He represents headstrong ambition.





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