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Summary: A master bomb-disposal expert, Stillman has come to the Big Shell to deal with the threat of Fatman, his former apprentice. Though world-renowned for his expertise, Stillman failed to save a church from an explosion years ago; in response, he faked the loss of his leg in order to hide from public outcry, and his own shame. He is extremely knowledgeable on demolition and bombs, and imparted this knowledge to Fatman.

Symbolism: Stillman is an ironic character. He is known for diffusing bombs, but he has inadvertently created a proverbial “time bomb” in Fatman. His legacy should have been one of saving the world, but instead he has caused a legacy of destruction. This is because of his failure to pass on “the things that mattered” to Fatman. Instead of accepting his own shame, he has hid behind a pitiful guise. Though his profession requires delicacy and care, he is irresponsible in dealing with himself and his protégé. He says that he must “diffuse his own sins”.

He represents memetic irresponsibility.





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