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May 25, 2009:

Starting in the second half of Shadow Moses, we have a very boring podcast about how much work was put into re-creating Shadow Moses, but also an easter egg showing Kojima's ghostly visage. And for those who didn't know, they explain the secret passcodes that you can put into the computer in Otacon's old laboratory:

78925: Policenauts song
13462: Policenauts song
14893: Lots of drebin points

I was glad to hear Aki Saito say that he hates the Dwarf Gekko enemies, and Sean Eyestone replying that most people hate them as well. Well no wonder.

The Outer Haven ship is simply a walkthrough, with no interesting easter eggs.

April 16, 2009:

Two more Integral Podcasts have been plundered by yours truly, and here are the findings...

In Europe:
- A bookshelf with blurry ass magazines
- A blurry ass poster on a wall

In Shadow Moses:
- Ghosts and the "exorcise" option
- Exporting ghost pictures don't work
- Footprints in the hallway

Also if you want a laugh, listen to the Shadow Moses podcast and hear a half hour discussion of trying to get a certain brand of noodles in the game, filled with censored words! rofl!

March 19, 2009:

So I guess I've been saving people the effort of actually playing through the Integral Podcast walkthroughs you can download from the Extras section of Metal Gear Solid 4, by posting the "easter eggs" here. Remember, this information is integral.

I forgot to post the results of the other week's, but I took screenshots of that one, and today's. Here's the goods:

Act 2 stuff:
- A secret poster behind a boring painting

Act 3 stuff:
- House numbers
- Cool pose
- Stupid pose
- Another poster

I took some other screenshots I might add to some kind of gallery eventually. Oh, and as for the information they give you on the game's development, here's the summary: "We put way too much work into all sorts of details". Go fig.

March 3, 2009:

A rather unintersting Integral Podcast was released some time ago, which explores the "Power Station" in Act 2. The only thing that could qualify as an "easter egg" is the billboard for the PMCs. The next one will start at the "Confinement Facility" when you enter it from the left path, after Drebin.

February 5, 2009:

New Integral Podcast came out I guess, so download it and play along! It will almost make the second part of the following-Naomi's-footprints part of the game seem fun! I notice they mention something about working on new projects and doing a trip to Spain, but I'm kind of done reading into any early hyping they want to do after crap like Touch.

January 11, 2009:

The newest, Payton-free in-game downloadable "Integral Podcast" has been released (as of the 9th) and features a walkthrough of the building before you meet Rat Patrol. Download it in the "Extras" section of MGS4 and listen to it on your in-game "iPod". It's pretty sweet, and free of course.

It includes such important tips as this and this.

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