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During the year of 2010 the following Metal Gear-related articles were published:

MGS4: Sold Out #8 Vamp Becomes Science - [link] From mystic to nanos, it just doesn't add up.
Full Peace Walker Demo Review - [link] Does it transcend spinoff status? The demo leaves a bad taste.
MGS4: Sold Out #9 Cross Promotion - [link] Product placement overload.
Obscured by the Clouds: A Metal Gear Solid Article - [link] Why MGS1 is always praised, but still misremembered.
The (Philosopher's) Legacy of Metal Gear Solid 3 - [link] How MGS3 camoflauged with the times, to let the series survive.
MGS4: Sold Out #10 Big Boss Returns - [link] A very twisted twist.
MGS4: Sold Out Intermission - [link] Sums up the "Sold Out" articles.
Digital FOXDIE and Raiden's Dual Rule - [link] Special guest article.
Metal Gear Solid 2: "Special" Options Analysis - [link] Special guest article.
Thank You, Shinkawa - [link] A surprisingly important man.
Deconstructing Shadow Moses - [link] Special guest article.
Beauty, Beast and MGS4: A Deeper Understanding - [link] Fairy tale tells a new story here.
Peace Walker Official Review - [link] How good was it really?
From Nothing: Why It's Okay to Question Everything (Especially Metal Gear) - [link] Zero becomes one hundred! How creativity begs the question.
Peace Walker's Allegory - [link] PW hides a powerful meta-story.
Scarab: The Hated Mascot - [link] Why the Scarab is a mistake.
Substance Abuse - [link] The series begins its decline.
The Rising Wish List - [link] Add these things, and it will rock.


The following were also published:

404'd But Not Forgotten - [Link] A look back at The Unofficial Site.
StarCraft II: Evolution of a Space War - [Link] Speculating on the old races' new design philosophies.
Metal Gear Declassified - [Link] Silly flash animation, awesome.


When look at this list of exclusive material, there is no shortage of pride. It's a wealth of quality analysis of games old and new, digging deeper into the pathos of the Metal Gear series, as well as the curious way they all interplay. We paid respects to Yoji Shinkawa, as well as the demise of "The Unofficial Site". And of course we had a series of fantastic guest articles, by the one and only "Mad Jackyl". The tongue-in-cheek flash animation was a success as well, and bring a smile to me.

Of all these, however, the most important is perhaps the "From Nothing" essay, which explores the difficulty of interpreting fiction itself, and the challenge that creators face when designing. It serves as a persuasive defense of this website, as well as my habit of questioning the official story of the series — the "meta" analysis that drives this site forward. But it doesn't stop there. It also reveals the true meaning of the the strange references to "shadows" and "light" by dying characters in MGS4, not to mention Big Boss' confusing speech about "zero" becoming "one hundred". It's all tied together, and it is vital to understand.

2010 was a good year, and there's plenty more to come! We consistently receive thousands of visits a month, and tens of thousands of pages are viewed by those visitors. It's a real honor to think that so many people are interested in looking at Metal Gear in a new way, and it's more than enough encouragement to keep plowing forward. Many of you have sent emails of appreciation, and told your friends about this place. As we enter 2011, I thank you for your patronage and I can only guarantee that our motto stands firm: ...It's Just a Box!

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