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The Pitch


This section is divided into several "Exhibits". Each one provides clues that seem to support the VR Theory, including screenshots and script excerpts where possible. Click on each section to read...


A. Themes & Names B. FOXHOUND & Colonel
C. Tanker & The Plant Opening D. Raiden
E. Rose F. Dead Cell
G. Arsenal Gear H. Ending


The evidence is all there. It's more than enough to prove that Sons of Liberty took place in a virtual reality, specially designed to betray its own falseness to the player, and all for the sake of proving how dangerous technology can be when we start to believe in the fiction we see. It's there to test our ability to cope with the truth, to find out if we're "fit to decide", or just a part of the "mindless masses".

"Yeah? Well you're just A.I. in my head!"

Can we be trusted to pass down information? Are we fit to decide what the truth is, or are we gullible Snake wannabes, following orders without a second thought?

Without the VR Theory — that is to say, without accepting that nothing in the game was meant to be accepted at face value — Metal Gear Solid 2 is just a quirky postmodern piece of fiction. After all of the hype leading up to its release, with its surprise twist and bizzarre ending, it would simply be a ridiculous sequel. It would be what Tim Roger's describes in his article.

But with its proper context, it is a timely and relevant masterpiece.

Does this evidence prove for a fact that the game was all a VR mission? No, it doesn't. There's an abundance of evidence to support the theory, but without Hideo Kojima declaring it to be so, it could never be a fact. On the contrary, with the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, he has directly contradicted the VR Theory thanks to years of mindless outrage over Sons of Liberty's "convoluted" plot.

In the next section we will take a look at the fan's reaction to the evidence you've seen here, and just as importantly, how Kojima reacted to that reaction.


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PART 3: Foul Ball

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