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Exhibit B: FOXHOUND & Colonel


In the beginning of Sons of Liberty we are told that Raiden is a member of the unit FOXHOUND, and we believe the Colonel to be our commander. We're told that our mission has gone through "the usual channels", and are under the impression that the government sent us in for some wetwork. Obviously, whoever we were sent by gave us our Skull Suit, nanomachines, VR training, etc., right?

Not so fast. By the end of Sons of Liberty we find out that Raiden has never met the Colonel in person once, by his own admission. We learn that FOXHOUND was disbanded from Snake, and that "He's a nonexistent operative from a nonexistent organization," from Ocelot.

If the mission took place in "real life", this becomes impossible to explain. At least, not without coming up with theories that are even more ridiculous than the VR Theory. Throw around the word "Patriots" around if you like, but those who believe the mission was real still would not be able to explain the logistics reasonably, without speculating ignorantly. Even Guns of the Patriots fails to satisfy the plot holes created by Raiden's pre-mission complications, sadly.

Where'd you get your stuff from then?

And let's not avoid the implications of the Colonel being created by "Raiden's" expectations and experience. If Raiden can hear and see things that aren't real, which are partially constructed from his own imagination, then what else was in his head?

Either MGS2 was originally intended to take place in the "real world" of the Metal Gear universe—in which case these things should make at least a little sense—or it was in Raiden's head. He either came from a real place before popping up in the Manhattan River, or he materialized there without explanation.

Nanomachines were controlling the senses long before Metal Gear Solid 4.

Otacon: I think it means -- you've been talking to an AI.

Raiden: That's impossible!

Otacon: The Colonel probably isn't GW per se. GW was most likely stimulating cortical activity in the dormant part of your brain through signal manipulation of your own nanomachines. The Colonel is in part your own creation, cobbled together from expectations and experience...

Raiden: That's crazy...

Raiden considers the implications of things,
while apparently most players didn't.

Otacon: But it's probably the truth. The virus may be starting to affect GW, which would explain the Colonel's behavior.

Raiden: It was all -- an illusion? Everything I've done so far...?

Here Kojima essentially suggests the VR Theory himself, through Raiden's doubts. At this point in the conversation, "Solid Snake" interrupts to assure Raiden that the situation is real, but soon enough Raiden is questioning their existence as well... The illusion is not broken completely, but enough doubt is placed in the player's head to motivate the player's to question everything critically; a task most players seemed to happily shrug off.

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