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Guns of the Patriots

The long-awaited sequel to the controversial postmodern masterpiece.


Metal Gear Solid 4 gets bitchslapped by Steven Seagal.

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War changed, and here's why.

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Death threats are a great motivation to make a good game.

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A major analysis of how Metal Gear Solid 4 tells the story of a troubled Kojima.

Part 1: Pre-Game Fake Television
Part 2: War is Routine
Part 3: Snake Becomes Old
Part 4: Raiden is Cyborg Ninja
Part 5: Beauty & Beast Unit
Part 6: Liquid Ocelot is Silly
Part 7: Nanomachine Overkill
Part 8: Vamp Becomes Science
Part 9: Product Placement
Part 10: Big Boss Returns

Part 11: Shadow Moses is Dead and Buried

Part 12: Resistance Gamer Kids
Part 13: Meryl's Not Interested


A balanced comparison between Metal Gear Online and Team Fortress 2.

Part 1: Getting In
Part 2: The Game Experience
Part 3: Visual Style
Part 4: Business Model
Part 5: The Community

Two of the oldest and fondest franchises clash. Which carries the torch better?

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A comprehensive analysis of the Beauty and the Beast theme.

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Learn more about the iconic mascot of MGS4!

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