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Sons of Liberty/Substance

The revolutionary sequel to the most celebrated Playstation game of all time, Metal Gear Solid 2 has proven itself worthy of a closer look.

A deeper understanding of what it all meant, and what it still means today

Part 1: Smoke and Mirrors, A Game Without Substance

Part 2: Memes From Mirrors, Substance From Smoke

Part 3: A Philosopher's Legacy, The Memetic Allegory

Raiden / Jack Colonel Campbell
Rose Fortune
Fatman Commander Dolph
Peter Stillman Solidus Snake
Solid Snake Revoler Ocelot


How much of the game was in Raiden's head?

Part 1: The Windup

Part 2: The Pitch

A. Themes & Names B. FOXHOUND & Colonel
C. Tanker & The Plant Opening D. Raiden
E. Rose F. Dead Cell
G. Arsenal Gear H. Ending

Part 3: Foul Ball

Part 4: The Arguments Against


This article explores the digital counterpart of FOXDIE.

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Mad Jackyl digs into the layered documents in MGS2's main menu.

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What motivated the creation of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance?

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